Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scaffolding up & update!

My hubby drove by the house & said the scaffolding is up at the front of the house & bricks have been delivered.
My SS emailed me mid last wk & said that the scaffolding was going up & bricking would continue next wk :-)
On a sad note my 3rd customer service rep has left PD!
Hopefully I'm signed a new one shortly! She was very good like the last 2! High turnover in staff! Here's also hoping my SS doesn't leave his been very good so far ;-)
Also reviewing my plans, which I do to much. Im always wishing I had done this or that I noticed that the pantry shelving all looked the same. Well luckily I spotted this because we paid to upgrade one shelving to a laminate bench! PD had that fixed on my plans quick smart because it's on my contract! Any other changes I have requested it's a flat no :-(
I also notified PD that my neighbours behind us are moving in & our boundary fencing was going up in the next few wks. We needed the backyard battened as it's a huge drop & they wouldn't have access after fencing goes up.
My SS quick smart has organized for this to be done. :-)
Hopefully next week can post some pics of first floor bricked!


  1. That's great news! Looking forward to pics :)

  2. if i hear that things are happening in your 'hood then i know that we'll follow soon after! So a big YIPPEE for

    No good on your CSC (what's going on in that office? IT's the west office yeah?) Fingers crossed they are a good one.

    I'm with Tonia, looking forward to brickie