Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fixing stage completed @ Wk 28

Hi everyone,
Well we received our fixing invoice today, very exciting :-)

We are meeting our SS tomorrow morning which I'm really excited about as I haven't been in the house since early aug, just after plastering was complete. Will take lots of pics & post tomorrow night!

All that's left is garage door, portico rendered, balcony floor to be built, electrical fittings, painting, carpets, floating floors & tiles to bathrooms, laundry & balcony. We are going to be in before we know it :-) My husband & I are getting excited more each day.

The only hiccup is that the incorrect handles were put in my kitchen :-( due to my first rep picking the wrong code. so they all have to be changed. This might cause a delay after talking to my rep today due to the holes for the incorrect handle lengths may be to long so all the cupboards will have to be re-done Arghhh!!! Hopefully it's an easy thing to do and it can be easily swapped. The other thing was on the weekend when I looked thru the windows I noticed that all the architrives/ skirting wasn't what I chose at hopetoun :-( I picked big ones and bullnose, I have sml ones that are squared. I said to my rep I was disappointed but it was on the selection list! I should have checked Arghhh! I don't want to get them all re done when it's all been fitted! So people that have just done selections check that what u picked as I have had 2 differing things now. Architrives not as big issue really, but kitchen handles to me are very important lol.

Today I brought the most gorgeous chair! A boutique homewares store is going into liquidation 'Carina Sherlock' so I basically got the chair at a bargain price. See pic below!
In love with this chair lol

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Front doors on & kitchen in

Hi everyone,
Drove past the house tonight 5 mins before it got dark as I got an update today from my SS & rep saying that the kitchen was in!
To my delight my chosen front doors have finally been put on & the kitchen was indeed fitted as well as the laundry. couldn't get in but had a quick look thru the windows.
Noticed that the incorrect handles were put on my kitchen so I quickly emailed my SS to fix!
Apparently all fixing will be completed by Friday & finally I have been given a PCI estimated date - end of oct! Very excited.
See pic below of my front doors!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wk 26 update

Hi everyone,
Just popped past the house & we are locked out! Couldn't get in :-(
But I did get an update from my SS yesterday telling me that stairs were going in yesterday & kitchen and fixing items are going in next Wk! Date I've been given is by the end of august our fixing should be complete!
Was happy to see our garage roof is tiled & kitchen items have been delivered. See pics below!

Garage roof :-)

Kitchen fittings delivered ready to be installed!
This is taken thru the window so not very clear

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pics of house plastered!

Hi everyone,
House plastering is complete! Snuck in house for 5 mins & was amazed with the job they have done so quickly! The ground floor bricks have been cleaned & garage roof frame has gone up. Stairs & kitchen are planned to go in next Wk!


Formal lounge

Stairs will go here!


Kitchen 2

Master bedroom

Ens bathroom

Games rm

Daughters rm

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Garage roof

Bricks cleaned on ground floor

House from afar!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wk 25 - plastering continues & stairs

Hi everyone,
I'm away interstate & got a lovely update from my SS today. Let's just say he is wonderfully communicating & letting me know what is happening :-).
Apparently plastering is nearly finished :-) and stairs are planned to go in on Friday, with our kitchen planned to also go in next Wk :-) it's all moving now :-).
I'm hoping I can sneak in a visit on Friday with my SS if stairs are done quickly! fingers crossed :-).
Getting very excited & looking forward to seeing our house come together. :-) can't wait to post some pics & to see our house plastered.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plastering begins @ wk 24!

Well the building journey is getting very exciting now.
My husband & I were talking tonight about the wonderful summer ahead we will have in our new home, I'm excited about decorating & shopping once I'm in & how busy we are going to be landscaping, etc. It now feels so close. Today in Melbourne was a beautiful day. I got home before night (very rare) & had to do a quick drive by the house!
My CSR emailed today saying that scaffolding was down & plastering would begin tomorrow. So at 5.30p when I drove by couldn't believe how awesome my house is looking. Love it more thru each stage!
Feel like a kid at Xmas unwrapping a present each time it progresses. lol
To my surprise a boral truck with a huge crane was delivering plaster thru our staircase window. So as PD said & my SS has communicated plastering should begin hopefully tomorrow. No pics as I didn't go near the house, never do when workers are on site. And due to going interstate on sat for work for a week I won't see the house until i get back! Hopefully when I get back I see lots of plastered walls.