Sunday, October 3, 2010

House update - bricks, tiles & changing house plan

Well this weekend was spent at boral on Saturday morning & we decided on brushwood bricks with natural mortar & chocolate brown roof tiles.
Before that we went & visited the display hm we are building & were unsure whether we should have built the 42 versus the 35. After much thought & debate for the extra $ we have now decided to build the 42. Got onto my sales rep, & luckily we have notified them prior to our tender app this Thursday!! I am hoping we can still go to tender with such a big change, but it won't matter to much as the house hasn't been drawn up yet! This happens after tender. Thk god! The main reason in the change u ask? The size of the bedrooms. Downstairs would have been fine! But bedrooms smaller that 3x3, tiny! So here is an updated plan of what we will be building.


  1. I think paying extra for bigger bedrooms is worth the money. Your plans and colour choices look great!

  2. Thks Jo :-)
    I can't wait to go to my actual selection app now in 2 wks.

  3. Excellent decision! You won't regret it ;-)