Sunday, September 26, 2010

First visit to hopetoun & national tiles.

My first visit to hopetoun today :-) also popped into national tiles. Here are a few pics of some items I liked! Hopefully have another visit before my selection app on the 21st of oct :-)

Bricks & render: brushwood bricks with woodland grey!

Brushwood bricks with Jasper render: my fav

Tile colour - gunmetal ( col in middle)

Paperbark- for gutters window frames, grg door, really like this col, thks to my friend Mick at work - he told me about it

Jasper- same as above.

Floorboards - kempass

Or tassie oak- prefer the lighter col

Carpet- like the grooves

Didn't mind this one

National tiles - lots of combinations- this is where I really need work on! Ahhh am visiting lots of display hms Tom. But I did like the below combinations.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Signed up & put a deposit down

We finally paid our 1st deposit on our house to be built, which is called the cremorne 35 by porter Davis. I spent all of last week deciding on brick, roof tiles, window frames, guttering & render colour! Crazy & decisions, decisions! Getting prepared before we have our appointment to make all our selections in a few wks. Love envisage studio, it really shows how the house will look with everything you pick! Here is a pic taken of the house plan, only changes are that we will have the extended alfresco & be hopefully adding in another walk in robe to master bedroom. Also a pic of the facade, cols will be similar!