Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frame is going up fast!

Hi everyone, this morning we drove by & saw that on a saturday morning they were working on our frame :-)
Just drove by again & took some pics.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

227 days to go!!

Hi everyone,
Thought I'd get all my folders out today & go thru all our choices, colour selections, electric selections. Amazing how u forget some small things. Lol
I wanted to make sure we put in a power point for the microwave in the walk in pantry, yes we did!
I also checked our contract, apparently it states 297 days with holidays, weather delays etc.
So as this title says, 227 days to go. Arghhh
Roughly 7 1/2 months! Which means november, let's hope we are in by xmas!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Frame has started

My hubby just drove by our site & our frame must have started yesterday :-)

See pics

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change to kitchen & splashback

So after having to get some costs down I have made 2 changes to my kitchen. Downgraded to polar white laminate cupboards, instead of vinyl wrap! I then thought I can't have a white glass splashback with Matt cupboards. So I have gone a red colour. It's called redbox in the delux paint range. Thanks to pd for allowing me to make changes too. See pic below for the splashback colour! I will have white benchtops though!

Pic taken from:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slab down

Hi everyone,
So excited our slab is down!
Frame should begin this week hopefully!
My hubby drove by on thursday night & saw it had been poured!
We then got our first invoice yesterday!
Pd move quick!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hi everyone,

should I talk about my frustrations on my blog?
I thought it wouldn't be an honest blog if I didn't share what was happening throughout my build!

So over the last few months some things have been happening & today it has been quite annoying really!
Have waited quite a while to share with you all, as I was hoping pd would give me the credit I feel owed from the changes in my site! !

1. Was lied to at tender - told didn't know who my neighbours were when they had signed up with the same builder 4 months prior.

2. Upon signing off my neighbours plans saw that they were building with same builder & we both had a retaining wall each on the same boundary! Theirs was alot smlr than mine though! When I questioned them was told if we went to site together this would become one wall!

3. So we went to site together & one wall was built 2 wks ago. I was told that we would both pay 50/50 for that one wall!! Doesn't seem to be!! My credit was not half of the cost from original tender, I am paying 80% of the wall!

4. Lastly a big chunk of the wall wasn't built because my neighbours garage is going on our boundary, fine by me to help my neighbours out :-) but apparently I'm carrying some of their costs for their garage wall!

Feel great venting my frustrations!

Slab no go today :-(

Update: due to heavy rains last night in Melbourne our slab did not get poured today! ;-(
Driving past last night it was all ready to go though with those waffle pods & all boxed up!
Here's hoping it is poured next week! Apparently they have to wait for the dirt to dry up a little first.
I have to admit seeing the outline of the pre slab on my block is making me think it looks tiny! Apparently that is normal!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slab booked in for next Tuesday!

Hi everyone,
No update for so long due to delays on site!
Finally retaining walls were put in last Wk! My site supervisor called today to let me know that slab is booked in for next Tuesday!
Delays for nearly 2 mths due to my site changing with fill, so engineers had to re draw up site due to fill, etc! Lots changed.
Supervisor also said that frame will follow Wk after slab is down. Here's hoping things go super quick now ;-)
Watch this space for pics as soon as slab is down!