Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slab booked in for next Tuesday!

Hi everyone,
No update for so long due to delays on site!
Finally retaining walls were put in last Wk! My site supervisor called today to let me know that slab is booked in for next Tuesday!
Delays for nearly 2 mths due to my site changing with fill, so engineers had to re draw up site due to fill, etc! Lots changed.
Supervisor also said that frame will follow Wk after slab is down. Here's hoping things go super quick now ;-)
Watch this space for pics as soon as slab is down!


  1. Woohoo...About time!

    Once that slab goes down it just flies ahead.

  2. Yaaaaay!!!! party time on the slab hehe

  3. Yay for the slab! as they say in H1 "Conslabulations!" haha