Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slab no go today :-(

Update: due to heavy rains last night in Melbourne our slab did not get poured today! ;-(
Driving past last night it was all ready to go though with those waffle pods & all boxed up!
Here's hoping it is poured next week! Apparently they have to wait for the dirt to dry up a little first.
I have to admit seeing the outline of the pre slab on my block is making me think it looks tiny! Apparently that is normal!


  1. Oh no! Doesn't matter. Things always happen for a reason. As for the slab..once its poured it will look huge mark my words!

  2. Just make sure you keep a note of how many rainy days are there, PD will be claiming extra days due to weather, just make sure they don't over claim.

  3. sorry to hear Mel! bloody melbourne, we have had no rain for a lil while now and then it decides to dump a months worth in one night at the most important time! murphy's law isn't it? Fingers crossed for you chick. I'm crossing them for me too as we are expected to get our slab done in the next couple of weeks and the way the block looked yesterday i don't think any work is going to be done for the rest of this week. Likely the big machines will get bogged! like i did in my new red galoshes from bunnings...tee hee...

  4. Hi everyone,
    Yes wishing it was last weeks weather! Arhghhh
    Thanks for the tip on keeping an eye out on how many days it rains :-)
    Here's hoping the weather clears up quickly!