Tuesday, April 26, 2011

227 days to go!!

Hi everyone,
Thought I'd get all my folders out today & go thru all our choices, colour selections, electric selections. Amazing how u forget some small things. Lol
I wanted to make sure we put in a power point for the microwave in the walk in pantry, yes we did!
I also checked our contract, apparently it states 297 days with holidays, weather delays etc.
So as this title says, 227 days to go. Arghhh
Roughly 7 1/2 months! Which means november, let's hope we are in by xmas!


  1. wow! do u happen to know how much days for a single storey? in our contract it states 28 weeks..so im guessing 196 days??

    Sounds like forever though for both of us! hehe

  2. Hi tonia,
    Yes it does seem like a lifetime!
    From memory pd say 20 wks for single storey & 30 for dbl.
    But if u add extras & make changes then they add time, plus weather delays, public holidays..... Arghhhh