Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Site cut & filled

Hi everyone,
Spoke to my csr yesterday & was told site would start tomorrow. Decided I'd do a drive by tonight after work at 7 & surprise, surpride my site has been filled & cut.
So my official start date is today 15th of feb 2011! Let's see how long it takes. Contract says 260 something days. I have worked it out to be roughly 9 months! So we should be in by november!
Countdown has begun!
My gosh was shocked at how much dirt they filled! See pics below!
You can see on one pic that they have gotten the dirt ready for the retaining wall! Wow it looks so high!!
Slab hopefully isn't to far.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Portaloo delivered & site mowed

Very excited tonight when I drove past our block to see that a portaloo & site crossing has been delivered. It's all about to start :-) some of my husbands friends mowed our blk yesterday too. All ready to go!
See pick below of our site now.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Site start within the next few wks

Finally after waiting for a few weeks for our valuation & then finally finance coming thru it is all ready to move :-)
Porter Davis called me today to let me know that we need to mow the block & make sure our land is pegged, ready for site start.
One of the pegs is under some dirt/ temp fencing of neighbors behind our block building! So this weekend have to try & make it be seen for the builder.
Now we are getting excited :-)
Hopefully we have a slab by march ;-)
On another note our customer service manager A has finished up with porter Davis today :-(
She was excellent & onto of everything, as well as very efficient in getting back to me. Wish you all the best A..
We have a new person, a guy called P. Very nice, and he has been ontop of everything already.
So watch this space ;-) pics should be posted on my next post of our site cut!