Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fixing stage completed @ Wk 28

Hi everyone,
Well we received our fixing invoice today, very exciting :-)

We are meeting our SS tomorrow morning which I'm really excited about as I haven't been in the house since early aug, just after plastering was complete. Will take lots of pics & post tomorrow night!

All that's left is garage door, portico rendered, balcony floor to be built, electrical fittings, painting, carpets, floating floors & tiles to bathrooms, laundry & balcony. We are going to be in before we know it :-) My husband & I are getting excited more each day.

The only hiccup is that the incorrect handles were put in my kitchen :-( due to my first rep picking the wrong code. so they all have to be changed. This might cause a delay after talking to my rep today due to the holes for the incorrect handle lengths may be to long so all the cupboards will have to be re-done Arghhh!!! Hopefully it's an easy thing to do and it can be easily swapped. The other thing was on the weekend when I looked thru the windows I noticed that all the architrives/ skirting wasn't what I chose at hopetoun :-( I picked big ones and bullnose, I have sml ones that are squared. I said to my rep I was disappointed but it was on the selection list! I should have checked Arghhh! I don't want to get them all re done when it's all been fitted! So people that have just done selections check that what u picked as I have had 2 differing things now. Architrives not as big issue really, but kitchen handles to me are very important lol.

Today I brought the most gorgeous chair! A boutique homewares store is going into liquidation 'Carina Sherlock' so I basically got the chair at a bargain price. See pic below!
In love with this chair lol

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