Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change to kitchen & splashback

So after having to get some costs down I have made 2 changes to my kitchen. Downgraded to polar white laminate cupboards, instead of vinyl wrap! I then thought I can't have a white glass splashback with Matt cupboards. So I have gone a red colour. It's called redbox in the delux paint range. Thanks to pd for allowing me to make changes too. See pic below for the splashback colour! I will have white benchtops though!

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  1. Oooooooo I love a bright splashback. Well done. Very brave!
    We WERE having orange but chickened out and went for Jasper with our white and wenge. Reckon I'll regret it though after looking at your pic. It's going to be really gorgeous Mel.

  2. that's going to look brilliant Mel! We too went for the vibrant splashback (scarlet ribbons on the clear glass). It took Rob a little bit of convincing but it makes the kithcen a real focal point, especially in such a big room. Well done you!

  3. Love that kitchen!!! I've just chosen the same colours in my new kitchen. Thanks for putting up the post.

  4. I think your red glass splashback suits your kitchen just fine! We also have one in our kitchen. My wife insisted that we should put one. I hesitated at first, but when I saw the wonders it does for our kitchen, I was amazed. For one, it adds aesthetics to your space, and it is easy to clean and maintain, unlike tiles.