Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiles & splashback - Wk 31

Hi everyone,
Well tiling progress is happening :-)
I did notice one mistake! My bathroom feature tiles are meant to go right across! This will need to be fixed! As I upgraded the mirror to go all the way across, so it will look silly if not changed!

Kitchen handles still have not been changed, this will hopefully happen soon! in discussion with PD about this ATM!

Very happy with how it is all looking though, tiler has done a great job! My red splashback has been installed too :-) See pics below!

Red splashback - love this!

Ens Shower tiled

Ens vanity splashback

Bathroom splash - notice the mistake??


Powder rm



  1. OOOOhh I love your splashback too!!

    Bath looks good. That style of bath looks much better than the standard baths with the rectangular surround

  2. Oh they did they same thing to our bathroom with the feature tile, and it was a battle to get them to change it too! Hope they change it for you without the struggle we had!

  3. oh mel i love the splashback!!!! it looks hot hot hot, particularly with the crisp white cabinets... I'll drool over ur white kitchen :) Robbie wouldn't let me go all

    House is looking amazing! We're going around today to do a walkthrough..hopefully our splashback is in. It's long overdue for a blog update! Hopoe the handles get sorted soon..i don't understand why you have to pay for the mistake though? have they sorted that out?


  4. The tiles look great! Nice colour choices

  5. Hi guys,
    Love that splashback too! Only bright colour I had the guts to do! Lol
    Everything else is so safe!! Browns, neutrals, white etc!!

    Well hopefully they do fix my splashback in man bathroom! I'll be peeved if it doesn't happen as it will really make my bathroom look odd!!! ;-(
    Emailed my SS & rep today, will hopefully hear something next wk!

    Mel - in regards to the handles issue all rectified today ;-) I am not paying ;-) PD have agreed to pay for it ;-) which I'm extremely pleased as it was a incorrect typing error of a code that caused the issue with the incorrect handles! Maybe builders need to put pics near selections on fittings so this sort of thing doesn't happen!!

    Still no official PCI date yet! Hoping we know very very soon! Have only been given a rough date of end of OCT! Want an official one! We only have electrical fit offs, plumbing, flooring & paint touch ups to go!!


  6. Hi Mel,

    The house looks great. Your colour scheme looks the same as ours. Even the colour of your splash back looks the same.

    They are doing a great job.

  7. Hi Gary,
    Thanks ;-)
    Hopefully yours is coming along?

    My SS has also organized for my splashback to be fixed :-)


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