Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hi everyone,
Been a while since I last posted!
Finally today we got our driveway done. My god it costs alot just for concrete! Now hopefully start landscaping the front within the next few wks!

Fencing has been painful. People not showing up, especially after calling 8 of them! They say they are coming, they just don't seem to want to do a fence on that retaining wall! Arghhhh

In terms of the house only major issues are 3 things: leak into front door! No weather strip on bottom of door & a crack in the right hand corner front pane which the wood has now warped after heavy rains. And 3 leaks in garage!
One plumbing issue!! Water pressure upstairs is very weak! Plumber & PD construction manager coming by on Monday! A few other tiny things but they can wait until 3 month maintenance!

Curtains - hopefully will be happening soon! Getting quotes ATM!!

In terms of the house we are loving it :-) I'm even loving cleaning it! That won't last long lol!

Pics of driveway! Exposed aggregate in charcoal!


  1. hi love your house, have been following your blog through out your building journey.

    Just wondering if you water pressure is because you haven't removed the water saving plastic bit out of your shower head. This has worked for us, gave me back that water pressure I missed so much from the house we sold.

  2. He Mel,

    The driveway looks great. We are going white aggregate.

    Did you get the details about the fencer I posted?

    S B Fencing Grensborough 0412 493 408

    P.S. we are still not in our home.

  3. Hi Gary,
    I was trying to figure out how to pm u!! Lol
    We finally got a fencer his coming out early jan & blind quote was done today!
    They were really good & reasonable priced! Only 3k to do whole house!
    If u wanted to get their info?

    Are u in yet??


  4. Edsci,

    No it's weak for bath & vanitys too!
    Not just the shower all go upstairs!! Arghhh


  5. Can you share details of your concreter? Many thanks

  6. Hi anonymous,

    Concreter was by a company called 'uncle SAMs concrete/paving & landscaping'

    His mbl: 0419 159 493