Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bi fold doors installed

Hi everyone,
Our gorgeous bi folds have been installed. Bricks on first floor have been cleaned & our bk fence has gone up!
See pics below!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

insulation & lock up

Hi everyone,
Met my SS on site this morning to walk around the house.
Everything is looking awesome.
Eaves have been put in front facade, insulation installed & sheeting has been put on bk of house.
Will say we are very happy with the quality & the way the house is looking. Seems like we r having a very good building experience to other people's blogs I have been reading.
So bricks are to be washed hopefully tomorrow on first floor, scaffolding to come down, site should get a clean & plastering should begin next Wk, followed by the installation of our staircase. SS said that plastering should take 2-3 wks! All exciting now. No pci date yet but he said should have an idea when fixing is happening! see some pics below of insulation!

Pic of our ladder - where the staircase will be!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

update after today's visit

Hi everyone,
Well the right side of the house has had the bricking complete. Only thing left is the garage to be finished & the sheeting that goes on the bk of the house. Bi fold doors to go in & we are then at lock up!
Did a quick scan and all items from the NHI report with framing has been fixed. Thanks to my SS :-)
The ducted vac points have also been installed 3 downstairs (in lounge, living & rumpus, sweeper in kitchen) with the sweeper & 2 upstairs (next to linen cupboard & in master bedroom)
Only thing that I can c that needs fixing is my entry light switch to the master bedroom needs to be wired to the entry as it's currently wired to the balcony light switch lighting.
Pretty happy, can't wait for the plaster to go up! Hopefully insulation goes in next week & we r at lock up!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

update after today's visit

Hi everyone,
Went and did my usual weekend visit!
Bricking is still happening.
Electrical has all been done. Took my plan & pretty much 99% to plan. Very happy ;-)
Also noticed that they have put in one ducted vac point upstairs, bath hob has started.
And we had NHI out last Wk & the report wasn't to bad. My SS has gotten onto all items. Lots of pink spray with notes for the carpenter to fix. Rapt he is onto it!
See some pics below:

Ducted vac point

Heating & cooling pipes!

Pink paint on some framing that needs correction.

Bath hob begins!

Electrical work at front entry/ study!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update at day 145 / wk 20

Hi everyone,
Did my usual weekend visit today. I can't believe we are already at day 145!
Contract is for 260 days, so hopefully in 120 days (4 months we are in!!November!!)
Bricking is nearly complete, so lock up will not be to far away. 
Noticed that our cooling & heating has been put in (big pipe things roughed in). Laundry door, garage entry door & temp front doors to entry have been fitted.
Update from my SS last wk was that electrician should be working tomorrow to do electrical work & he believes that we should be at lock up soon!
I also booked in my pre-plaster inspection for Wednesday morning with NHI, let's hope it's all perfect!  So it is moving! Lol 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bricks 1st floor & back yard battened

Hi everyone,
Finally bricking continues ;-) and backyard battened. See pics below

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scaffolding up & update!

My hubby drove by the house & said the scaffolding is up at the front of the house & bricks have been delivered.
My SS emailed me mid last wk & said that the scaffolding was going up & bricking would continue next wk :-)
On a sad note my 3rd customer service rep has left PD!
Hopefully I'm signed a new one shortly! She was very good like the last 2! High turnover in staff! Here's also hoping my SS doesn't leave his been very good so far ;-)
Also reviewing my plans, which I do to much. Im always wishing I had done this or that I noticed that the pantry shelving all looked the same. Well luckily I spotted this because we paid to upgrade one shelving to a laminate bench! PD had that fixed on my plans quick smart because it's on my contract! Any other changes I have requested it's a flat no :-(
I also notified PD that my neighbours behind us are moving in & our boundary fencing was going up in the next few wks. We needed the backyard battened as it's a huge drop & they wouldn't have access after fencing goes up.
My SS quick smart has organized for this to be done. :-)
Hopefully next week can post some pics of first floor bricked!