Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update at day 145 / wk 20

Hi everyone,
Did my usual weekend visit today. I can't believe we are already at day 145!
Contract is for 260 days, so hopefully in 120 days (4 months we are in!!November!!)
Bricking is nearly complete, so lock up will not be to far away. 
Noticed that our cooling & heating has been put in (big pipe things roughed in). Laundry door, garage entry door & temp front doors to entry have been fitted.
Update from my SS last wk was that electrician should be working tomorrow to do electrical work & he believes that we should be at lock up soon!
I also booked in my pre-plaster inspection for Wednesday morning with NHI, let's hope it's all perfect!  So it is moving! Lol 


  1. Little by little you're getting there. Soon you'll be dancing around in your plastered rooms :)

  2. It will all happen before you know it :))

  3. It would surely be all worth the waiting once you get to the end of your build. All the best...

  4. It's getting close :-) since we put the deposit on our land in April 2010, November is not far at all :-)