Sunday, July 17, 2011

update after today's visit

Hi everyone,
Went and did my usual weekend visit!
Bricking is still happening.
Electrical has all been done. Took my plan & pretty much 99% to plan. Very happy ;-)
Also noticed that they have put in one ducted vac point upstairs, bath hob has started.
And we had NHI out last Wk & the report wasn't to bad. My SS has gotten onto all items. Lots of pink spray with notes for the carpenter to fix. Rapt he is onto it!
See some pics below:

Ducted vac point

Heating & cooling pipes!

Pink paint on some framing that needs correction.

Bath hob begins!

Electrical work at front entry/ study!


  1. That's better - you're flying along now.
    Do you know if PD reverse build and start plastering before the bricks are done???

  2. Hey ReInsey,
    I think they do in some cases!
    But with mine they are waiting!
    I guess they need to put insulation in too. And with half of upstairs on one side not bricked they can't!
    They could start downstairs though! But lots need to be fixd from the independent inspection on the frame before they plaster!

  3. Hi Mel,

    Your ducted VAC, have all the pipes been fitted? we have two points upstairs and two points down stairs and sweeper in the kitchen. If I remember correctly, upstairs in in the master bedroom and near linen closet. Downstairs in lounge room and in void near kitchen, family rooms (near rumpus room door). Where are you getting the extra point? At our electrical appointment we asked about an extra point, was told that four points will do the house?

    We will not be happy if we the VAC does not cover the house.


  4. Hi Gary,
    Only one point was in yesterday when I visited!
    Apparently you don't pick where the points go!
    But yes we end up paying for an extra one, so 5 with the sweeper. I think it was only 150-.

  5. Hi Mel,

    That's was we have, 5 points including the sweeper. You got it for a good price, we paid 270 for the sweeper.

    Our house are so similar, could walk through your house and think it ours.