Thursday, July 28, 2011

insulation & lock up

Hi everyone,
Met my SS on site this morning to walk around the house.
Everything is looking awesome.
Eaves have been put in front facade, insulation installed & sheeting has been put on bk of house.
Will say we are very happy with the quality & the way the house is looking. Seems like we r having a very good building experience to other people's blogs I have been reading.
So bricks are to be washed hopefully tomorrow on first floor, scaffolding to come down, site should get a clean & plastering should begin next Wk, followed by the installation of our staircase. SS said that plastering should take 2-3 wks! All exciting now. No pci date yet but he said should have an idea when fixing is happening! see some pics below of insulation!

Pic of our ladder - where the staircase will be!

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  1. It looks like it's coming along nicely Mel, take lots of Pic's showing you where the wiring is placed for future reference. It comes in handy when the plaster goes on - it looks so different.
    Cheers, Ernie