Saturday, July 23, 2011

update after today's visit

Hi everyone,
Well the right side of the house has had the bricking complete. Only thing left is the garage to be finished & the sheeting that goes on the bk of the house. Bi fold doors to go in & we are then at lock up!
Did a quick scan and all items from the NHI report with framing has been fixed. Thanks to my SS :-)
The ducted vac points have also been installed 3 downstairs (in lounge, living & rumpus, sweeper in kitchen) with the sweeper & 2 upstairs (next to linen cupboard & in master bedroom)
Only thing that I can c that needs fixing is my entry light switch to the master bedroom needs to be wired to the entry as it's currently wired to the balcony light switch lighting.
Pretty happy, can't wait for the plaster to go up! Hopefully insulation goes in next week & we r at lock up!


  1. Looking good Mel. Your SS sounds like he's completely on top of the build, which sounds like a rare thing after reading so many PD blogs. Fingers crossed it continues for you :)

  2. So far so good :-)
    He is onto of everything & doesn't lie & love that he emails me with updates :-)
    Very happy PD customer ATM

  3. It is certainly looking good. Well done!

    I have a question for you. I am also at the start of the framing stage now. I saw in your previous post defects marked in pink (Frame). What kind of defects are they and did the inspector find them?

  4. Hi Mel,

    Did you get a light put in the balcony? or was it included? I don't think we have one and I like the idea.

    Your house is moving quite fast.

    Our SS does not use email, he occasionally rings and I NEVER get a response from emails to him.

    Your house towers of next doors house.

    You still might be at plaster before us :-)

  5. Hi Yam,
    I had an ind insp report done thru new home inspections at frame stage & pre plaster. Everything on the report that I could see has now been rectified & when I checked on the weekend.

    Hi Gary,
    I ord the light in the eave, above the balcony.
    We should be at lock up by the end of this wk :-)
    Only sheeting left to go on bk of house :-)
    I am meeting my SS on site this thursday morn pre plaster. My husband saw him after frame stage. I think insulation & plaster will start next wk, fingers crossed. I'm hoping I can get a rough idea of pci date to this wk!
    Yes I'm very lucky my SS is very efficient & onto everything. We must not have the same peson!
    I wouldn't say it's moving that fast! Our site was cut on feb 15th! Slab went down in march, frame over Easter & bricking just completed last wk! Here's hoping that the fixing stage goes super quick!
    You should be at plaster by now???? What's going on?? Have they given you an idea of when it should be completed?

  6. Hi Mel,

    All our problems stem from the original framers. They did such a bad job we have have two additional sets of framers to try and fix the issues. I would of preferred that the frame had been pulled down, but I don't think PD would of ever done that. Had the framers working last Saturday fixing things.

    Our site cut was in Jan, with framing started start of Feb.

    I am guessing that when we are locked out, things will move faster, for two reasons. Firstly because we will not be able to see any of the workmanship and therefore defects can be hidden and secondly because PD will not want to pay penalties.

    So I still think (hoping) it will be finished in Oct.