Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wk 26 update

Hi everyone,
Just popped past the house & we are locked out! Couldn't get in :-(
But I did get an update from my SS yesterday telling me that stairs were going in yesterday & kitchen and fixing items are going in next Wk! Date I've been given is by the end of august our fixing should be complete!
Was happy to see our garage roof is tiled & kitchen items have been delivered. See pics below!

Garage roof :-)

Kitchen fittings delivered ready to be installed!
This is taken thru the window so not very clear


  1. that's how i felt on the weekend too!!!'s looking're much more organised than i on updating the blog...:)

  2. Hey Mel, u need to update your blog ;-)
    Want to see how your house is coming along!
    I do my blog thru my iPhone. Pics & all posts, that's why the pics are ordinary! Lol