Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plastering begins @ wk 24!

Well the building journey is getting very exciting now.
My husband & I were talking tonight about the wonderful summer ahead we will have in our new home, I'm excited about decorating & shopping once I'm in & how busy we are going to be landscaping, etc. It now feels so close. Today in Melbourne was a beautiful day. I got home before night (very rare) & had to do a quick drive by the house!
My CSR emailed today saying that scaffolding was down & plastering would begin tomorrow. So at 5.30p when I drove by couldn't believe how awesome my house is looking. Love it more thru each stage!
Feel like a kid at Xmas unwrapping a present each time it progresses. lol
To my surprise a boral truck with a huge crane was delivering plaster thru our staircase window. So as PD said & my SS has communicated plastering should begin hopefully tomorrow. No pics as I didn't go near the house, never do when workers are on site. And due to going interstate on sat for work for a week I won't see the house until i get back! Hopefully when I get back I see lots of plastered walls.


  1. it's all very exciting!! Fingers crossed for plastered walls by next week :)

  2. Hey Mel! I like that we are at the same stage of the build so can be as excited as two kids in a candy store with the goings on! lol! i'm the same, don't go onsite when tradies working so do stalker drive I haven't been by at all this week (too busy with work as got a promotion) so don't know if our scaffolding has come down. A bit of a spanner in the works for us today. A big for sale sign went up on the unit that mum is renting (and where rob and i are staying) so i am kinda hoping that it isn't a quick sale. Dreading the thought of having to move twice in 5 months! Hopefully plastering is in next week!

  3. Hi Mel, It's an exciting stage to be at, looking good so far with your house build. The rooms will be so different with plaster installed. Good luck with your project...Cheers Ernie

  4. Thanks for the comments guys :-)
    I really do feel like a kid, very exciting lol