Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Site cut & filled

Hi everyone,
Spoke to my csr yesterday & was told site would start tomorrow. Decided I'd do a drive by tonight after work at 7 & surprise, surpride my site has been filled & cut.
So my official start date is today 15th of feb 2011! Let's see how long it takes. Contract says 260 something days. I have worked it out to be roughly 9 months! So we should be in by november!
Countdown has begun!
My gosh was shocked at how much dirt they filled! See pics below!
You can see on one pic that they have gotten the dirt ready for the retaining wall! Wow it looks so high!!
Slab hopefully isn't to far.


  1. Too exciting!!!
    Hope PD don't take the full contract days to complete your dream home though!!

  2. Thanks reinsey, here's hoping that it finishes a lot quicker :-)
    I'm just rapt it's all begun :-)

  3. Couldn't you just scream with something between excitement, colour panic, excitement, frustration at waiting so long and excitement???
    It's been a year of waiting for us, and I wanna move in now!!!