Sunday, September 26, 2010

First visit to hopetoun & national tiles.

My first visit to hopetoun today :-) also popped into national tiles. Here are a few pics of some items I liked! Hopefully have another visit before my selection app on the 21st of oct :-)

Bricks & render: brushwood bricks with woodland grey!

Brushwood bricks with Jasper render: my fav

Tile colour - gunmetal ( col in middle)

Paperbark- for gutters window frames, grg door, really like this col, thks to my friend Mick at work - he told me about it

Jasper- same as above.

Floorboards - kempass

Or tassie oak- prefer the lighter col

Carpet- like the grooves

Didn't mind this one

National tiles - lots of combinations- this is where I really need work on! Ahhh am visiting lots of display hms Tom. But I did like the below combinations.


  1. Tasmanian Oak is not very hard. It'll get dented in no time. When we were doing selections they had samples of different types of floorboard, and they dropped heavy objects on each to show what happened.

  2. Hi Brian, what would u recommend? Thks for the advice?