Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nothin still happening!

Just thought id put a quick post that nothing is still happening at our site!
Went for a visit today to show some family our lovely house!
Next door is nearly at lock up, so hopefully the scaffolding will go up this wk! Want my bricks finished! Arhhgggh


  1. Patience Mel, patience.
    Your build will go at it's own pace. It's damn hard to watch others overtake, but there will be reasons for it. Better to wait for quality tradies than have a crappy build :)

  2. Hi Mel, what is the hold up?
    I think we caught up to your build!
    Our plumbing is getting done, our electrical will be done next week.

    Hope your build will get back on track!

  3. Thanks reinsey, I'm not the most patient person lol
    Puppyso - they r bricking my next door neighbours house first!
    Due to the retaining wall they had to finish theirs & then they can do mine!
    I have been really patient actually! Lol
    As soon as they r bricked that's when I'll be asking what's going on!
    as org we were told that we would be bricked by end of June!
    Hopefully by mid July! Lol

  4. Aw Mel, this is no good...we finally had bricking started last week. Maybe we are sharing a brickie????? lol or Pups has stolen them in the race for bricking finish...tee hee...chin up girly, think of it as a holiday to not think about the house for a while, i did that and didnt go around for a couple of weeks and then bam the bricks were on! Yeah! :)

  5. Well my SS Emaikrd today! Scaffolding going up & bricking will continue next week. Yippee ;-)

  6. The race is on girls...Rob said to me last night that the SS called him to say the brickies will be staying onsite to continue with the bricking (guess they'll be doing our garage too?) and our scaffolding is going up next week too!!! lol..between me you and puppyso it is going to be action stations. It's exciting times. We reckon we'll be at lock up by the end of July...