Monday, June 13, 2011

Not much happening!

Hi everyone,
Did our weekend visit & no real action besides they finished our bricking on ground floor & garage. No pics, I've put heaps of pics of the bricks up already! Lol
Hopefully scaffolding goes up this week and they begin first floor next week!

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  1. Hi Mel,

    Just had a read of your blog, I can not believe how similar the houses are. We even had similar idea and changes to the original design. I wish we had eaves around the house and not just the front facade. I like the flyscreen for the glass sliding doors. We will need to get them done after handover. We replaced the dinning room window with a sliding door.

    We had lots of problems with the frame, still not sure its completed. Needed a second set of framers to fix all the issues. Waiting for the pre plaster inspection to recheck the frame. We also used NHI, it was definitely worth having an independent inspector.

    I hope you resolve the issue with the retaining wall. Don't let PD win.

    Good luck dealing with PD, it can be fun dealing with them.