Sunday, June 5, 2011

Balcony bricked & update!

We did our visit to our site this morning & rapt to see our balcony/portico bricked! They have also half bricked our garage! See pics below!

I also had our CSR update me on Wednesday at whats happening! Ground floor bricks are planned to be cleaned this Wk & then scaffolding should go up week after! Due to our neighbours garage brick retaining wall the brickies will be bricking the house next door & doing the garage retaining wall before our scaffolding can go up!

Another update I went thru our electrical plan & decided to add 2 more external lights! As originally I had 2 fancy lights, 1 on left hand side of front door & left side of balcony! (stupid really) have decided to add a std light under portico or above front door & in the eave or above the balcony door & put the 2 fancy lights on the balcony/ portico pillars. Like pic below!

Also on another note read on someone's blog that their balcony/ portico leaks so I checked with our CSR & ours are tiled :-). So far all good!

Let's hope they brick our neighbours house quickly so they can finish ours!

Balcony/ portico bricked

Garage bricked

Lighting how I want it now

Balcony pic showing that it will be tiled!

I thought I'd put a pic up of our house will look completed!

down below are my clipsecs - see how I stupidly put those external lights!

Clipsec plan ground floor

Clipsec plan first floor!

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  1. Mmmm...nice change to the lighting. Will look really balanced. I likey!

    Good solid progress too which is great to see :)