Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bricking progress & upstairs pics

Hi everyone,
Bricking is coming along nicely, ground floor nearly finished! I also went up the ladder for the first time & was happy with how upstairs looks :-) the ladder wasn't to scary lol!

See pics below!

Our bedroom - master

Games rm view

Bedroom master - pic 2

Bedroom 2 daughters rm with WIR on left!

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4




  1. What a ripper view you've got from the top floor. That house next door looks like a garden shed compared to Mel's Mansion.

  2. looks fantastic Mel!! Agree with Reinsey, fantastic view!

  3. Lol thanks guys :-) I'm starting to get very excited now!

  4. Hey guys,

    Just reading through your blog. Very interesting read.

    Your neighbours look like they're getting the rough end of the stick.. your house is so much higher. I think this is how my neighbour is going to feel when my house is finished being built.

    Keep up the blogs, I'm now following :)

  5. Thanks mullos it's very exciting as it's getting closer.
    Yes my neighbours did lose out!!
    They are nice people & understand it wasn't us & we are both building with the same builder!