Friday, May 6, 2011

Frame stage completed :-)

Hi everyone, last night we received our invoice for the frame being completed :-) some of our windows have also been put in & our front door frame! See pics below of frame complete :-)

I have also decided to get independent site inspections done at frame stage, pre- plaster & hand over thru kevin at new home inspections.

As I've said before the best forum in building a new house helped me decide to go with this mob. He comes highly recommended from many people. He will be doing an inspection on Monday for us, looking forward to seeing the report & hoping that it's all looking good!

Our roof tiles have been delivered! Apparently they are starting tomorrow!

My walk in robe :-)


Formal lounge





Balcony opening!

Dining & kitchen - bi folds will be here :-)


  1. Mel that looks awesome! so exciting how quickly it has gone! and to think with all those hassles u had with the retaining wall and slab they've really got their act together to get you here. Big Congrats! So so jealous of your walkin robe :) nice and spacious :) Did you increase ur alfresco space? that's a brilliant entertaining area.



  2. Yes we got the alfresco extended :-)
    My hubby's worried that my additional wir I've put in is going to make our bedroom sml! Seriously though it was way to huge & a waste of space.
    Once those stairs go in I'll go upstairs & measure the length. We r hoping our bed side tables & bed fit perfectly!
    Getting excited now :-)

  3. Wow Mel, it's looking great! Fantastic alfresco space too.
    Hope it's all smoooooth sailing from here :)

  4. i saw how you did that and thought that was a really good idea. Sometimes the retreat space in the master bed can be a waste of space as how often will you actually use a retreat. But a wardrobe...there can never be a big enough i saw ur mod too late!!! haha...