Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bricks, bricks & bricks!

Hello everyone,
Did my drive by this arvo & was rapt to see lots of bricks have been delivered ;-)
We chose the boral brushwood!
See some pics of the house with roof tiles, gutters & wrapt up!
SS & CSR said bricking should start tomorrow & take roughly 6 weeks!

Bricks & left over roof tiles!

House with roof tiles complete, wrapped!

Pic of how our bricks should look!



  1. Woo Hoo!!! Your house has a blanky to keep it warm in this weather!

    I love when you put up updates because I know what is coming next for us! hahaha! i reckon there is about a week difference between our builds...Looking fabulous!


  2. Lol Mel :-)
    Let's see if u take over?
    I'm quite surprised by how quick it has been going!
    Let's hope it continues until it's finished!
    I'm regularly checking your blog too

  3. How exciting!!! You sure bricks will take 6 weeks?? Ours took about a week and a half!

  4. lol, funny you should say that about the surprise to the build. I said to rob yesterday, it's so exciting that this is all happening but i just have a dreadful feeling that it has been going along so well with no hiccups and don't know how i'll cope when there is a lull...and he very promptly told me to go knock on wood so that i take those words back from the universe!

  5. Hi tonia,
    Yes that's what my SS says!
    I am hoping it takes a month!

    Mel - yes I know what u mean I've knocked on wood too. Lol