Monday, October 10, 2011

PCI booked for next Tuesday ;-)

Hi everyone,

Very excited today!

My husband met the construction manager this morning & went thru my large list of things that I think need finishing! Lol

PCI is booked in for next Tuesday 18th!

Wohoooooo! After 34 weeks!!

Oct 12 - weds
Went past house tonight & render is painted (Jasper) & moulding has been put on (strip). Electrical is nearly finished too ;/)
Bring on PCI!!


  1. Great news Mel, I am really excited for you.

    Have you started thinking about landscaping/blinds yet? Cant wait to see the furnished pics.

    All the best.


  2. Excellent! Wait is finally over :)

  3. Hi Mel,

    Congratulation, its almost over :-)

    Then the real work starts.


  4. Brilliant Mel! We have PCI tomorrow too (i really wonder if we have the same SS!) :) And handover has been booked in for next week, which is wierd as they must be pretty sure that everything is 100% as we like to book handover in so close after PCI. but i'm not complaining, i think they have most things in hand and all those items we listed have been attended to. So exciting that we are nearly finished! Congrats! Mel

  5. Hello guys,
    Blinds & landscaping not yet rups & Leanne!!
    Waiting until we get in. First thing on the list is fencing then driveway then curtains lol! My husbands a green thumb so landscaping is up to him!
    Thanks yam :-)
    Gary - hopefully your not to far away either!
    Mel - how uncanny PCI on the same day! r u building in the north? If yes we might have the same SS! Lol I reckon our handover will be a few wks. As a few things still left to do! We had an ind insp report done last Friday. Not to bad actually. A few things need to be fixed & I have my own long list to go thru tomorrow. Lol